Why I Chose Direct Primary Care

I am often asked why I chose the Direct Primary Care model for Health CARE. My answer is simple… I have had incredible mentors over the years and I have seen some of those mentors self destruct with the long hours and the demands of our healthcare system. The state of healthcare is increasingly frustrating for patients and equally as frustrating, if not more so, to those of us in the healthcare profession.

Why I Ditched the Health Insurance Companies and Chose Direct Primary Care

April 23, 2019 was my last day working in ‘conventional’ healthcare. My last year in conventional healthcare was amazing with regards to who I had the opportunity to work with and the patients I was able to care for. That being said, something was still missing… I began to struggle emotionally with the demands placed on us to facilitate ‘healthcare’ by modern insurance standards. For instance; if I felt my patient needed a test, or certain medication this would often result in days or even weeks of hashing out the “whys” to a non-medical operator on the phone. This non-medical person would be following a script with “algorithms” that would place my patient in for either approval or denial. I found this offensive at best.

When I came to the realization of what is missing in our healthcare system I set out to deepen my relationship with my patients and expand my roots with the people of this community that I love so dearly. I desire to provide CARE not just a service to my patients. I strive for my patients to not feel alone in their time of need or feel like another NUMBER but rather have my number to call at anytime.

I hope you will join me in making our Community a Healthier and Happy one!

All the Best,

Dr. Chris

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