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We offer urgent care for walk-ins. Come to us instead of going to the ER for personalized urgent care from your doctor. River's Edge Direct Primary Care is a membership based healthcare system with premium levels of care for our select client base. We prefer a more personal approach to healthcare. We like to see our clients regularly, and keep in sync with their medical needs ahead of time. We play an active role in our client's lives and prefer the old-school values we had with our doctors growing up. We hope to inspire the feeling of family, and we hope you join ours!

Urgent Care

The only alternative to the Emergency room


A list of services we offer to our members.

Welcome to River's Edge Urgent Care

River's Edge Urgent Care

Membership Benefits

Old Fashioned Values

Remember when doctors would go the extra mile for you? Those times are back. Our style of healthcare is ideal for people who want a little extra care in their healthcare. Our staff at River's Edge are friendly and motivated people that will make up your team of professionals to keep you healthy.

Family Oriented

River's Edge takes care of people of all ages. We welcome anyone from children to seniors. Not many kids seem to like going to the doctor, but we do a good job at making them feel welcome. We explain what we are doing, and sometimes ask them to help us.

Exclusive Services

We offer a wide range of services that most primary care doctors do not offer. In addition to being your primary care physician, we also offer Cryotherapy, Prolotherapy, an IV Lounge, and Platelt-Rich-Plasma Injections. We use modern techniques and have services based on some of the latest medical research.


  • Monday-Thursday: 7am-5pm
    Friday 7am-7pm
    Saturday-Sunday 10am-7pm


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